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Äldre man leker med sin hund. Han är glad för sin Frisktandvård för han tycker det känns som att ha en tandvårdsförsäkring.

With Frisktandvård you pay a fixed monthly fee for regular dental check-ups, any treatment that may be required as well as advice and support to help you take good care of your teeth and mouth.

Service and insurance in the same fee

Frisktandvård offers regular dental care at a fee that is fixed for three years. The fee depends on the condition of your teeth at the start of the agreement. There are ten different premium groups. The fee is what you pay after the dental care allowance has been utilised. The agreement we sign with you not only includes regular dental care but also a tailored self-care programme. Frisktandvård offers preventive care and peace of mind should something happen.

All this is included:

  • Regular dental care for a fixed monthly fee
  • Regular appointments, check-ups and preventive care
  • A tailored self-care programme
  • Repair of tooth decay or broken fillings
  • Surgical treatment, such as tooth extraction
  • Root canal treatment
  • Stomatognathic treatment
  • Treatment at a specialist dental clinic following referral from Folktandvården
  • Emergency dental care at your clinic or at another Folktandvård clinic in Sweden

The dental care that is included under the agreement must also qualify for reimbursement under the National Dental Insurance Scheme, TLVFS 2008:1.

The following is not included:

A great deal is included in Frisktandvård but sometimes you may need or would like care that is not included under the agreement. You can of course receive this care at Folktandvården but you must meet the cost yourself.

  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Care that is not covered by the reimbursement scheme, e.g. aesthetic dental care
  • Treatment following an occupational injury or accident
  • Rehabilitation care, i.e. payment for missing teeth; removable or fixed constructions
  • Prosthetics fitted into the jaw, i.e. implants/screws secured to the dentine.

What you need to do

1. First you will receive an appointment for an examination. If you need treatment, this will be done before you are placed in a Frisktandvård premium group. The cost of the examination and treatment is charged according to the Västra Götaland tariff. This examination and any treatment is what we call 'resetting'.

2. Based on the condition of your teeth, you will be placed in an appropriate premium group. You can then decide if you want to join the Frisktandvård scheme. If you decide to join, we sign a three-year agreement that begins immediately. The premium is the actual cost after the dental care allowance has been utilised. (If you are not registered with the Social Insurance Agency, you are not covered by the National Dental Care Subsidy Act and you will be charged the equivalent of the 'general dental care allowance' when you sign a Frisktandvård Agreement.)

3. If it turns out that you need more care under the agreement that we had foreseen, this will still be covered by your fee. You can pay the premium monthly by direct debit or yearly, either in cash or with an invoice.

Who can join Frisktandvård?

Anyone who is no longer covered by the free children and young persons' dental care system can join the Frisktandvård scheme. There is no upper age limit for joining.


To make an appointment for Frisktandvård, contact the Folktandvård clinic that you wish to attend. If you are already registered with a Folktandvård clinic, talk to your dentist or dental hygienist on your next visit. You begin with an examination and resetting. You decide if you want to join the scheme after you have been told your premium group.

Updated: 2024-05-13 11:58