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Payment and cost estimate

Read here about the various ways in which you can pay for your visit and treatment. Then you can talk to your dentist about a payment arrangement that suits you.

Cost estimate

Before your treatment begins you have the right to a cost estimate from the dentist.

Payment with debit cards is preferred

The preferred means of payment is by debit card, on the occasion of each visit. If your treatment requires several visits you pay for each one when it occurs. For security reasons we try to minimise the handling of cash in our clinics.


Invoices can only be issued for dental care visits in exceptional cases.

Dental care loans

Applications for dental care loans are made at your clinic, and you will get an answer immediately. The maximum loan amount is SEK 50,000, and there is no cost for any credit you don’t use. Dental care loans are handled by PayEx.

Cost of a dental loan: An arrangement fee of SEK 349 and a monthly processing fee of SEK 29 which is added to your monthly payment. The interest rate is 0% for the first 24 months.

See the information brochure about dental care loans

To get a loan you need to meet a number of basic conditions. You must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a declared annual income of at least SEK 120,000
  • Be employed, have a pension or be self-employed
  • Not have any record of non-payment

Instalment plan

Before beginning your treatment you can arrange with your dentist to pay for it in instalments. This means you will make regular part payments to the clinic during your treatment, and then pay for the remaining amount in instalments afterwards. The instalment plan is handled by Visma.

Cost of the instalment plan: An arrangement fee of SEK 170 and a monthly processing fee of SEK 60 which is added to your monthly payment. The interest rate is 8%.

Updated: 2021-10-01 14:25